Jeph Loeb Elaborates on Agents of SHIELD Ending, Why There Won't Be a Season 8

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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will be ending with Season 7, which is a pretty big deal. After all, this was the first time Marvel Studios had made a show that would (sort of) tie-in to the MCU. While the show wouldn't follow the MCU as much in later seasons, it still developed a big fanbase and many viewers will be sad to see it go.

Speaking with during SDCC, Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb spoke about ending the series after multiple seasons. It turns out this was a decision made by Marvel themselves and not ABC, which is always good to hear; usually, it's the Network that cancels the shows and not the people behind them. Just ask Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

"...we were about halfway through the season and they [the network] called again and said, 'this is great, do you have a great idea for season seven?' And we were like...nope. And at this time we all got together and said 'look if we're going to do this, let's make this the last hurrah. Let's go out with a parade. Let's end the story so that we can do it on our terms because the problem is that it's never the studio's decision. It's always the network's decision and so we said let's take the risk. Let's go back to them and say we'll do it as long as we can end the show."

Now that Disney+ is a thing, there's a good chance that Marvel will pitch directly to that network instead of appealing to ABC. Granted, they still have shows like The Runaways and the upcoming Ghost Rider series on Hulu, so they aren't against working with other networks (for now).


Agents of SHIELD will begin airing in 2020.

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