Jennifer Lopez Shock: Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend Gave Him An Ultimatum To Propose Or They’ll Break Up?

Credit: CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

Credit: CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shocked their fans when they reunited earlier this year. The A-listers dated decades ago, and they even got engaged at one point. However, the pressure that they got from the press caused their relationship to fall apart.

Lopez just ended her engagement with Alex Rodriguez when she and Affleck started hanging out. At first, some publications thought that Lopez was simply leaning on Affleck following her split from the baseball star. But it didn’t take long before the couple confirmed the real status of their relationship.

But less than a year later, there are claims that Lopez and Affleck could be heading for another split.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Struggling To Stay Together

OK! magazine, in its Nov. 22 issue, claimed that Lopez and Affleck are struggling because of the distance between them. The mom of twins is in Canada filming her upcoming movie, The Mother. Affleck, on the other hand, is in Texas filming his sci-fi movie, Hypnotic.

An unnamed source claimed that Lopez couldn’t help but think that Affleck is growing more and more distant from her. So, the singer/actress started pressuring the actor to propose.

“Ben is actually enjoying the break because he needed some breathing space. Jen has picked up on that vibe, and it’s freaking her out. The Hustlers star has made it crystal clear to Ben that there’s only so long she will stick around without a real commitment and that she expects him to propose soon. She’s determined to have a happy ending this time around,” an unnamed source claimed.

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Ben Affleck Worried About Jennifer Lopez Leaving Him

Last week, Life & Style published a similar story about Affleck and Lopez splitting. However, the publication claimed that Jennifer Garner’s ex is the one who’s worried about Lopez leaving him for good.

An unnamed source claimed that Lopez and Affleck are struggling to adjust to their busy schedules because they’re so used to spending so much time with each other.

Additionally, there are also, allegedly, fears that the distance would result in Affleck relapsing because Lopez is not around to monitor his every move.

“There are some serious issues that are still there for J.Lo in this relationship. She is not sure she can fully believe in Ben after his past mistakes. She doesn’t really like the idea of Ben on his own in LA when she is off on location. She knows he’s in recovery, but she can’t get rid of those concerns. And it’s causing her to pump the brakes a little bit,” the unnamed source claimed.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s Connection Still Strong Despite The Distance

Last month, a source told E! News that fans of Lopez and Affleck have nothing to worry about because everything is good between the couple. Even though the A-listers are both busy with their work, they still see to it that they keep in touch.

“They are working out their schedules so that they can be sure to see each other every few days. Things are good between them, and they are staying connected. They are busy with their projects, but also making time to be together,” a source said.

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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Could Tie The Knot Soon

In fact, Affleck and Lopez’s relationship is going so great that former celebrity publicist Rob Shuter said that he thinks that it’s only a matter of time before the couple head to the altar.

“I think it’s really exciting. I think those two are so special. [I believed] they would have always been together. It always felt to me that their love never got away. I was with her writing their [initial] breakup statement that went around the world – I wrote that statement. And when I was writing it, it just felt really said,” Shuter told Fox News.

“Celebrity breakups are usually matter-of-fact, but this one made me sit down for a moment. Before I hit send, I just felt this genuine moment of sadness because I felt like these two were meant for each other. I believe they had the right love, but it was the wrong time. There was always something special about them. And I think now is the right moment for them. So, I’m really happy that they’re back together,” he added.

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