Jennifer Lopez Heartbreak: Ben Affleck Begged Wife To Slowdown As She Risks Health To Stay On Spotlight? Bennifer Reportedly Destined To End In A Messy Divorce

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Jennifer Lopez shockingly confessed that she suffered panic-induced paralysis caused by her stressful and exhausting career. Now, avid followers of Ben Affleck’s wife are reportedly afraid that she may be on the brink of another frightening collapse.

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Workaholic Jennifer Lopez Sparks Fears Over Her Health


National Enquirer, in its upcoming Aug. 8, 2022 issue, reported that a doctor believes the grueling quest for Jennifer Lopez for perfection and her strive to stay in the limelight might be putting her health at risk.

Of Jennifer Lopez, Dr. Gabe Mirkin told the entertainment news outlet:

“The same factors which caused her to suffer these troubling problems in the past can absolutely lead to similar attacks in the present.”

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Jennifer Lopez recently admitted that she toiled nonstop in her 20s. Her relentless schedule drove her into the ground – physically and emotionally – causing severe panic attacks and leaving her unable to move. The wife of Ben Affleck recounted:

“All the work and the stress it brought with it, coupled with not enough sleep to recuperate mentally caught up with me.”

The “Let’s Get Loud” songstress divulged she was “completely frozen” and “couldn’t see clearly.” Jennifer Lopez added that the symptoms “started to scare” her, and “the fear compounded itself.”


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The better half of Ben Affleck revealed she worried she was losing her mind, but a doctor assured her physical and mental exhaustion were behind her temporary paralysis. However, Dr. Mirkin warned that she is a ticking bomb and could explode again at any time.

Jennifer Lopez reportedly swears she is taking better care of herself these days. However, informants suggested she is still following the same grueling path that led her to past paralysis.

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An unidentified tatler shared:

“She’s kidding herself if she thinks she’s leading a balanced life of wellness and getting ten hours of sleep a night."

The same source dished Jennifer Lopez is working out at the gym two hours a day, staying up till the wee hours working on multiple projects while eating virtually nothing to preserve her famous curves. It added:

“Ben’s begging her to slow down because she’s pushing herself way too hard!”

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Dr. Mirkin, who has not treated Jennifer Lopez, cautioned keeping up such an intense pace could be dangerous and added:

“There is data connecting lack of sleep and appropriate rest to an increased risk in lots of areas. If she collapses again, it could be something very serious!”

Jennifer Lopez has yet to comment on the claims that she is driving herself to the brink. So, avid followers of Ben Affleck’s wife should take all these reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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Are Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Divorcing Soon?


Meanwhile, PageSix reported Ojani Noa claimed Jennifer Lopez “loves being in love” but loses interest after the passion in her marriage fizzle. He revealed to The Daily Mail that the songstress’ marriage to Ben Affleck brought back a rush of old memories.

Of Jennifer Lopez’s husband, Ojani Noa said:

“Ben is husband number four. I was husband number one and she told me I was the love of her life. When we lay in bed on our wedding night, she said we would be together forever.”

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Ojani Noa believed his relationship with Jennifer Lopez worked because he was not impressed by her being a celebrity. He added:

“She’s a traditional girl. She comes from a humble Puerto Rican family. She wanted someone to protect her, someone who would stand up for her. We fell totally in love. I quit my job and moved to LA. We lived in a nice apartment. But soon we moved into our first house, and then the houses kept getting bigger. She loved that I was a balseros [rafter] from Cuba. I never wanted anything from her. I always worked and had my own money.”

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The Cuban actor-producer also said he could have made it last with Jennifer Lopez if it were not for “parasites who feed off celebrities” and media reports that characterized him as a “penniless water.”

Of his ex-wife and Ben Affleck, Onjani Noa added:

“I think she’s someone who will be married seven or eight times. I can’t see her ever settling down with one person. She pushes herself to constantly go forward in her professional life, which is why she’s had a three-decade career, but she also moves on in her private life. If Ben has Lupe on his side then maybe he’s got a chance.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have yet to respond to Ojani Noa’s latest statements.

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