Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Shock: Fans Ship Angelina Jolie's Ex To First Wife After Both Says They Are Willing To Date Again

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been divorced for almost two decades already. However, many are still shipping them to get back now that both are single and willing to date.

Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Should Get Back Together


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt got married in 2000. However, their marriage didn't work and they divorced five years later.

Shortly after their split, Pitt started dating Angelina Jolie. He tried his second shot in love with Jolie. They married in 2014 but split two years later.

Meanwhile, Aniston remarried and tied the knot with Justin Theroux. However, their marriage also didn't work.

Aniston has remained friends with both of her ex-husbands. Just recently, both Pitt and Aniston expressed their interest in dating again, and their fans immediately reacted by shipping them.

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"Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston need to start dating each other again like yesterday," one tweeted.

"Exactly. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston should be back together," another added.


This isn't the first time Pitt and Aniston's shippers pushed for their reconciliation. In 2018, when Aniston's split from her second ex-husband, Theroux, made headlines many were sad, but they were also happy that she is single again because Pitt is single too. Pitt and Jolie called it quits in 2016.

"My reaction to Jennifer Aniston separation news [crying emoji] but realized both her and Brad Pitt are single [smiling face with smiling eyes emoji]," one wrote three years ago.

"Me: *reading about Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux split* awww that sucks. Also me: planning Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt's second wedding," Ally Reid added.

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What Did Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Say About Dating

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have remained friends after their divorce. There was no bad blood between the exes, so their fans are hopeful that there are still chances of them rekindling their flame like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Affleck and Lopez got engaged in early 2000. They called off their wedding and married somebody else. However, they got back together in April.


Just recently, an insider told US Weekly that Pit wants to "find that special someone to be with long-term." ELLE reminds fans that in September, Aniston confirmed she wanted to date again. The Morning Show star said, she was "ready to share myself with another."

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The two award-winning actors have made multiple public reunions in the past years. In 2019, Pitt attended Aniston's star-studded 50th birthday, People reported.

In 2020, they reunited at the 2020 SAG Awards. They were photographed sharing a sweet moment that sent their fans into a frenzy. Later that year, they reunited virtually for the Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read.

Do you want Aniston and Pitt back together too?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

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