Jeffrey Dahmer: Meet The Notorious Serial Killer’s Murderer Christopher Scarver And Know Why He Killed The Infamous Sex Offender

Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now the talk of the town after its release in September. Though the docu-series has its fair share of controversies, it can’t be denied that it renews the interest in the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his murderer Christopher Scarver.

This also raises the question of who Scarver is and why he killed Dahmer. Also, what happened to him after Dahmer’s death?

Warning: The following content contains major spoilers and topics about pedophilia and murder. Read at your own risk.

The Death of Jeffrey Dahmer

At the end of the series, Scarver, played by Furly Mac, was seen killing Dahmer in the prison gym when they were left unsupervised. He also killed another prisoner, Jesse Anderson, who was with Dahmer at the time.

Dahmer’s death was met with mixed reactions, with some celebrating his demise while others wanted him to rot in prison for years to pay for crimes.

However, being one of the most famous serial killers back then, his death put Scarver in the spotlight. So, who is he, and why is he also in prison?

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Who is Christopher Scarver?

Scarver is also a convicted murderer. He received life imprisonment in 1990 for killing Steve Lohman.

The two used to work together at the Wisconsin Conservation Corps. He held Lohman down at gunpoint while demanding money from the site manager, John Feyen.

His anger grew when Feyen only lent him $15, ending up shooting Lohman once in the head, killing him in an instant.

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Authorities revealed Scarver told Feyen he needed more money, shooting Lohman twice more. Feyen then wrote him a check worth $3,000. He fired again but missed Feyen and left.

Scarver reportedly hears voices telling him he’s the “chosen one.” He was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffered from “messianic delusions,” making him think he was a destined savior.

Why Did Christopher Scarver Kill Dahmer?

In an interview with New York Post in 2015, Scarver revealed he used to distance himself from Dahmer due to the latter’s odd behavior and lack of remorse.

However, when Dahmer and another inmate worked on duty to clean the gym, he decided to confront him.

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He kept a newspaper clipping that detailed Dahmer’s crimes and his disgust for his killings made Scarver kill him with a 20-inch metal bar. This left him with another two life sentences in addition to his first life imprisonment for murdering Lohman.

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