Legion Actress Confirmed as Silk Spectre for HBO's Watchmen

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HBO's Watchmen seems to be more of a sequel to the original graphic novel rather than a shot-for-shot adaptation of Alan Moore's celebrated story, which has opened the possibilities for this series. Fans are cautiously optimistic about the series and how it will do, though we're all hoping for good things. The footage we've seen thus far has been promising and knowing that there will be returning characters has upped everyone's interest.

We already knew that Ozymandias would return, this time played by Jeremy Irons. However, showrunner Damon Lindelof has also revealed that the previously cast Jean Smart will, in fact, play Silk Spectre for the series. Or should we say, former Silk Spectre?

IGN was able to see a new trailer during the HBO Television Critics Association, where we see Smart juxtaposed with a pop-art-style painting of Silk Spectre. She even admits to wearing the costume and punching mooks back in the day, which is a really interesting direction for the character.


Now that both Ozymandias and Silk Spectre have been confirmed, we're all waiting for Nite Owl to be revealed as well. Granted, he'll be retired like Silk Spectre, but it would be cool to see these two veterans pass on their mantles to younger heroes. Assuming they go in that direction.

HBO's Watchmen will debut this October, though no specific date has been revealed.

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