Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Clip Seemingly Fires Back at the MCU Haters

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is now out in theaters, and it's filled with classic rants and hot takes that you would expect from a Kevin Smith movie. Just in, Smith has shared this clip from the film that has Jason Lee's Brodie trash on Hollywood culture and reboots, but fiercely defends the MCU.

If anything, the clip doesn't really say anything redeeming about the MCU, but rather just pokes fun at Brodie being a hypocrite, loving Marvel films but hating on Hollywood's reboot culture. It's great that Smith actually addresses this though, because it shows that he's aware of what the MCU really is, despite him loving the films and being an avid fan.

Though I personally don't consider MCU films ‘high art', I don't wholeheartedly agree with the statements from Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola. I mean, technically these films are still cinema, but calling them ‘despicable' kind of sounds bitter. A lot of children feel inspiration from these films, and even older fans like coming back to them for the nostalgia and the fun.

If you ask me, the directors should have tried to be more positive with their criticism and just say that fans should try something else for a change. Then again, they're Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, award-winning directors whose films have shaped modern cinema. They don't care if you're mad at them for trashing some comic book films.

For no you can catch Jay and Silent Bob Reboot now in theaters.

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