Jason Statham Unhappy About The Meg's PG-13 Rating, Says Film Needs 'Gory Adult Stuff'

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A horror film featuring a gigantic shark is expected to have plenty of blood and gore. However, The Meg somehow ended up with a PG-13 rating and hardly any deaths. Not surprisingly, the final cut has left its star very unhappy.

Jason Statham has just admitted that he is disappointed that The Meg wasn't given the R-rating everyone was expecting. In an interview with Collider, the Transporter actor revealed that "a lot" was changed in the film, from the script to supposedly R-rated sequences. Statham stated that it may have to do with director Jon Turteltaub wanting to inject humor into the movie.

"Jon's interpretation of this is a fun end of summer [movie]. It's full of humor," he said. "It's a little bit more directed to a different taste of what my own is. I like more gory adult stuff.


Statham also couldn't contain his disappointment that there was barely any blood in The Meg. He pointed out that "there's a shark" so audiences were undoubtedly expecting to see terrible animal attacks.

Although Statham is clearly dismayed that he didn't get his blood and gore, the actor still thinks very highly of the film's director.

"I admire John's great sort of great spin that he's done. He's put this in a place which is totally unique I think. No one was expecting The Meg to be a fun sort of humorous ride of romp or whatever. You do a better description of it than myself. He's put his very light-hearted way into it and not tried to make it like anything before. He's trying to give it his own sort of stamp of tone."

The Meg is not the first shark attack film to avoid the R-rating. Jaws was initially rated R but was given the PG rating after several cuts from the movie.

The Meg is currently in theaters worldwide.

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