Jason Isaacs Blasts Racists Pretending to be Star Trek Fans

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There is little doubt that Star Trek has one of the most devoted fandoms around the world. Unfortunately, some of these fans aren't true fans at all and Jason Isaacs is calling out the pretenders.

Isaacs recently spoke to Radio Times about how some so-called fans have been complaining about how Star Trek: Discovery is being led by a black woman. The Harry Potter star then went on to call out these racists who are pretending to be fans of the franchise.


"Initially when we launched Star Trek there were a bunch of voices pretending to be Star Trek fans online, complaining that we were social justice warriors, and that it was all too right-on, the MeToo generation, that we had a young black woman lead," Isaacs said. "And they were exposed very quickly as a bunch of non-Star Trek fans, racist right-wing lunatics—because the real fans took to them as soon as the show started running."

Isaacs pointed out that true fans of the franchise would have embraced the idea of Sonequa Martin-Green's Michael Burnham being front and center of the series.

"That's not what Star Trek fans think," Isaacs said. "It was people who were jumping on the bandwagon to espouse these disgusting views thinking that they had a platform for it."

It's disappointing to know that people would actually want to shame a series for the casting. Nevertheless, we're impressed with how Isaacs handled the situation.


It's still unclear if Isaacs will return as Gabriel Lorca in Star Trek: Discovery. Nevertheless, the third season is set to premiere on CBS All Access in 2020.

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