26 Jun 2017 1:31 PM +00:00 UTC

Jar Jar Binks Wants Ron Howard To Make Him The Star Of Han Solo

It looks like the Star Wars prequel trilogy’s most hated character is trying to worm his way into another Star Wars movie by petitioning himself to appear in Han Solo.

Though the spin-off series met a whirlwind of controversy after Lucasfilm decided to fire original Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller in the middle of production, it looks like the project is set to get back on track now that the studio’s given the directorial role to A Beautiful Mind and Inferno helmsman, Ron Howard.

However, it looks like Jar Jar Binks is hoping to ride on with Howard and find himself a place in the movie, making his jarring proposal in this wackyFunny or Dievideo. Using a voice changer to cover up his annoying high-pitched Meesas, Jar Jar says that Howard would make great choices including adding the Gungan in the movie.

“Jar Jar and Ron could develop a special relationship together. That could be cool, for Ron. Maybe they could become life-long friends. Ride tandem bikes and shit. So Star Wars fans, don’t fret. Ron Howard could still come through here by calling Jar Jar Binks and saying ‘Be the star of the Han Solo film.’ That’s how you make Star Wars Better”   

Check out the video down here:


It’s a hilarious suggestion – no proper Star Wars fan wants Jar Jar in anything. Maybe he’d do great in a parody movie, but Han Solo, naaah, sorry Jar Jar, there’s no room for you on that tandem bicycle ride with Ron Howard.


Han Solo comes blasting into cinemas on May 25, 2018.

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