Japanese Band Babymetal Makes Debut in Super Mario Maker

Anything could happen in Super Mario Maker, Nintendo's side-scrolling platform videogame and game creation system. It was announced today that the Japanese metal idol band Babymetal (pretty much what I spend hours to listening lately) is coming to Super Mario Maker as a Mystery Mushroom costume. GameXplain released a nearly-minute gameplay footage showing off how the trio of young girls tackle Mario's obstacle metal-themed course as a unit. If you've heard their awesome music before, you'd recognize that they sound exactly like the girls in this demo. 


Babymetal just released their 2nd album Metal Resistance earlier this month, and it's amazing. If you're a fan of both Super Mario and Babymetal, this new feature might motivate you to pick the Wii-U controller once again while listening to YAVA! or From Dusk Till Dawn. 

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