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Jamie Says Former DAY6 Member Jae Apologized Personally

Credit: ARIRANG K-POP/YouTube Screenshot

Kpop female solo artist Jamie has shared on her Twitter account that she had spoken with former DAY6 member Jae over the latter’s derogatory remarks about her.

On January 20, Jamie came to her personal social media account to speak about her friendship with Jae in the wake of the controversy. She had revealed that they apparently met in person to discuss the matter.

Jae calls old friend Jamie a “thot”

The former DAY6 vocalist and lead guitarist Jae had mentioned Jamie’s name during a live broadcast and made inappropriate remarks about his old friend.

On a live Twitch broadcast, Jae said that now that he is not in the Kpop industry anymore, he can now speak what he wants to. He then continued to say, “Why is Jamie trying to be a thot?”

The term refers to a woman who has a lot of casual sexual encounters or relationships. So, saying this word to describe a friend is entirely offensive.

However, Jae clarified through his public apology posted on January 9 that he thought the word had the same meaning as the term “baddie.”

Jamie says Jae apologized personally

Jamie posted several tweets on her Twitter account on January 20, saying that Jae personally came by the other day and talked about the issue. Jae allegedly apologized for uttering the word without thinking twice.

Jamie also added that she knows Jae did not mean to hurt her feelings, and he had no intention of offending her.

“Jae came by the other day we had a talk he apologized for his words and mistake. If anyone knows about Jae as a friend or close person, you would know he wasn't meaning that as what he said. He promised me he would use his words wisely and I appreciate it. Out of all the mistakes.”

In the following tweets, Jamie calls out her friend and extends her concern about him going in the right direction.

She also says Jae promised that he would not do anything that would hurt her or anyone else and that he would be more careful of the words that would come out of his mouth.

“Just a wake-up call for Jae and for his future. I do really want him to go for the right direction, and as a friend, I wanted him to know that this is something he needs to rethink and put into action. I told him everything about how I felt and he felt awful about it.”

“So for everyone and all the fans who also got hurt, he wanted to let me and you guys he will never make a mistake or even a joke about something that is very serious. That's what friends are for right?”

Jamie then left the last tweet tagging Jae’s Twitter account, saying she will smack him if he does it one more time.

Jae tells fans he will return to Twitch after solving the issue

Alongside posting an apology letter addressed to Jamie on his Twitter account, Jae also went live on Twitch and said that he would talk to Jamie in person after he figured things out in his head.

On his Twitch broadcast, Jae acknowledges that he messed up big time and that he belatedly realized that what he thought of as a joke had hurt his friend deeply.

“I realized that it’s not really a joke. It’s not something you just throw out there and just laugh at.”

Read Jae’s public apology here.

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