25 Sep 2019 5:50 PM +00:00 UTC

James Wann Reveals His Next Movie After Aquaman

Aquaman was a huge success when it released earlier this year. Sure, the film might not have had as much critical acclaim as a DC fan would hope for the DC Extended Universe, however, the film's stunning visuals did help the film win big at the box office.

Now that Aquaman is over and done, director James Wan is more than ready to begin a new project, and it looks like the filmmaker's revealed his latest entry – a new horror movie for New Line Cinema. Production on the horror movie started today with Wan celebrating the occasion by sharing a photo revealing the project's official title, Malignant.

Check the post out down here:

Wan didn't reveal that many details about the new horror movie, however, the filmmaker did reveal that he was "really excited for this one," explaining in the caption that Malignant would be his tenth feature film as a director.


DC fans shouldn't be surprised to see Wan taking a break from the DCEU before beginning on an Aquaman sequel. Wan has always been a horror movie director, helming films like The Conjuring, Saw, Insidious, The Nun, and Annabelle. Wan's repertoire of films have mostly been in the horror genre, so it came as quite a surprise when Warner Brothers first announced that the filmmaker would be in charge of Jason Momoa's first standalone movie as DC's Aquaman.

Warner Brothers made the right choice though. Aquaman has been nothing but success for DC. We definitely can't wait for Wan to return for Aquaman 2.

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