James Wan Says New Aquaman Photo Shows Arthur And Mera Finding 'Ancient VHS Player'

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Arthur Curry and Mera are set for some major obstacles in Aquaman. Interestingly, one of these hurdles happens to be "an ancient VHS player."

There is little doubt that Aquaman will be about Arthur's journey to rediscover his Atlantean roots and ultimately accepting his destiny. However, the bulk of the film could also show how Jason Momoa's character rediscovers himself by learning about his mother Atlanna's people. As the new movie still from Entertainment Weekly reveals, one of those discoveries is an odd relic from the time of the Sea King.

New Aquaman Image Shows Off Atlantean Technology pic.twitter.com/ufKLfmw9PN
— ComicsTalks (@comicstalks)
August 10, 2018

The image of Arthur and Amber Heard's Mera looking excited about a strange machine is both interesting and confusing for fans. Luckily, Aquaman director James Wan has offered an explanation on what is happening in the scene.

"They've been given an ancient recording device and this is the only place they can play it back to get a clue to the next step of their journey," Wan revealed. "It's like an ancient VHS player."

Wan's cheeky reference to the discontinued video recording format might confirm the rarity of the mysterious device. VHS players were slowly replaced by DVDs in the late 1990s and are no longer being produced as of 2016. Finding a functioning VHS player these days would be similar to, well, discovering an ancient device that can play Arthur and Mera's important discovery.

Aquaman also stars Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, and Temuera Morrison. The film is scheduled for release on December 21.

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