26 Sep 2021 9:53 PM +00:00

James McAvoy Addresses Possible Return as Professor X in MCU X-Men Reboot

There is little doubt that fans are expecting the X-Men to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sometime in the future. But who will play Professor X when that time finally comes? James McAvoy has spoken up about the possibility of returning as Charles Xavier in the future MCU reboot.

McAvoy has already proven that he was perfect as the young Professor X, portraying the character's pains and heartbreaks with great intensity. Needless to say, fans want to see more of his version of the mutant in the MCU.

But is McAvoy open to the idea of continuing to play Professor X in the MCU? The Sandman audio drama star told Collider that he felt like he was already done with the role.

"I feel like, yeah," McAvoy said. "I feel like I got to explore, not everything I wanted to explore, because there's always more, surely, but I got to explore a ton of Professor X, and I feel quite satisfied with what I got out of him as a performer."

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He then pointed out that this doesn't mean he would say no if he was asked to return as Professor X.

"It's not to say that you don't ever want to, you never want to come back, and you never want to do it again, and all that kind of stuff," McAvoy said. "You never say never, as I believe James Bond once said. But I'm not chomping at the bit. I'm not going to be gutted and desperately sad if it never happens again."

It would be great to see McAvoy's version of Professor X again in the future. However, it might be best not to hold your breath considering that there is a chance that the character will be recast in the MCU. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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