28 Feb 2019 11:14 AM +00:00 UTC

James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad' Begins Production in September

It looks like James Gunn has completely put Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 behind him and is now working on The Suicide Squad for DC. Apparently, the film very close to finishing up pre-production, and the cameras are set to start rolling very soon.

According to The Wrap, James Gunn's Suicide Squad sequel is set to start production this coming September. We don't have any idea about the story so far, but Gunn must have a completed script by now to be confident enough to start shooting later in the year. Either that or he has a good idea of where to take the story already.

It's been said that Gunn's follow-up will be sort of a soft reboot from the first film, and will feature a new roster of members. Harley Quinn is set to make a reappearance, but Will Smith is apparently out. This isn't about any disagreements with Gunn either; Smith's departure is said to be purely a scheduling issue.


We don't know what's in store for Gunn's The Suicide Squad, but I'm hoping that he makes it a different tone from his Guardians movies. I mean, those films are fun, but I'm up for something completely different when it comes to this franchise. Maybe he can embrace the original tone that David Ayer was going for before WB re-edited his film? Just a thought.

Catch James Gunn's The Suicide Squad which is set for a release in Aug. 6, 2021.

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