James Gunn Says One 'Dead' Suicide Squad Character is Still Alive

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The Suicide Squad had a huge body count that included most of the main cast. However, it looks like one of these dead Task Force X members managed to survive in the DC Extended Universe flick.

We always knew that people would not survive The Suicide Squad. Still, audiences were not prepared when nearly half of the main cast was effectively killed off in the opening scene upon their arrival on Corto Maltese. The only survivors were Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, and Weasel (as confirmed in the post-credits scene).

But are Rick, Harley, and Weasel the only survivors? Gunn and the Suicide Squad cast have just hosted a watch party for the DCEU flick and the director was happy to share some interesting new details about the movie. Early on, Gunn told fans to keep an eye on the comms for signs of life.

"Important to note if you look at the life signals in the Comms hub TDK isn't dead," Gunn wrote. He then tagged Nathan Fillion in the tweet and added the hashtag #TSSWatchParty.


Fillion played TDK aka The Detachable Kid in The Suicide Squad and he was part of the first team that was sent into Corto Maltese. The character's death was one of many and it was one that was mostly overlooked after the shocking sequence. However, if Gunn is claiming TDK is still alive, there is a good chance we'll see him again in the future.

The Suicide Squad's spin-off series Peacemaker will premiere on HBO Max in January 2022.

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