James Gunn Confirms San Diego Comic-Con Absence

James Gunn
Credit: DC Studios

James Gunn
Credit: DC Studios

The potential appearance of DC Studios chairman James Gunn at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con was in question, especially after the official confirmation that Marvel Studios and other networks and studios are going to skip the festivities.

Considering that the studio has two more upcoming movies to promote and recently cast the roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in Superman: Legacy, there are expectations that they will do a presentation at the convention.

Now, we finally have an update from Gunn himself and it sounds like they will follow suit as well with the other studios.

James Gunn Will Not Show Up at This Year's Comic-Con

DC Studios
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Credit: DC

As reported by The Direct, a fan recently asked Gunn on Instagram whether he is going to attend this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Unfortunately, he responded by revealing that he won't be making an appearance.

"I won't be there this year but probably next," he said.

While Warner Bros. and DC Studios themselves have not officially confirmed their absence at the convention, Gunn's response is a definitive sign that they are also going to miss out on the convention like Marvel Studios.

Considering that majority of the studios and streamers are already skipping, it's not surprising to hear at this point that DC Studios won't be doing it as well even if they have upcoming releases to promote to the audience.

However, there is also a chance that only Gunn himself will be absent and the studio will still do a presentation although that scenario is unlikely since he is considered as the face of the studio now following his hiring with Peter Safran.

There is also the fact that there is a potential actors' strike soon that would threaten the possibility of any actors making an appearance on stage since they would be forbidden to do it once the strike commences.

This is certainly an unfortunate situation for fans and the San Diego Comic-Con organizers since it looks like it won't be splashy this year unlike in 2022 and the coveted Hall H won't have any big presentation that will make the headlines, unlike the past several years.

We should be hearing more updates about this in the coming days as we're getting closer to the dates of the convention.

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Superman: Legacy is slated for release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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