James Gunn Confirms Doom Patrol's Final Episodes Are Still on Their Way

Doom Patrol
Credit: Max

Doom Patrol
Credit: Max

Doom Patrol remains to be the non-DCEU live-action TV series that is still airing on Max. However, until now, we still have not heard any updates regarding the premiere of the show's final six episodes which is concerning a lot of fans regarding its status.

Given that the DC franchise is undergoing a major reboot and we've seen a mass exodus of several DC projects, some fans have presumed that the airing of the final episodes may have already been canceled.

As usual, fans went to one of the chairmen of DC Studios to find out what's the actual status of the show's remaining episodes.

James Gunn Clarifies the Current Status of Doom Patrol's Final Episodes

Doom Patrol
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Credit: Max

As reported by Deadline, DC Studios co-chairman James Gunn addressed the fate of Doom Patrol on his Threads account where he assured fans that the show's final episodes will still air sometime in the future.

Initially, when he was asked about it, he responded by saying that he is too busy with Superman: Legacy and Creature Commandos and that he wasn't focused on the scheduling of the TV shows.

Later on, he confirmed to fans that the episodes will not be shelved.

"I now have confirmation: As I surmised, no, Doom Patrol episodes are absolutely NOT being shelved, even though the premiere date for the next shows hasn’t yet been announced to the public," he wrote.

This should settle down the worries amongst fans regarding the beloved show's future as it looks like you will be able to watch its final six episodes at some point soon once Max is ready to stream them.

While we don't have the exact details yet about their return, an easy guess is that it could happen later this year since the most recent episode aired on the first week of January and they might not want to take a longer gap for the remaining ones.

We should be hearing more news and updates regarding this in the coming weeks or months. For now, at the very least, fans can be at ease that they will be able to see them.

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All episodes of Doom Patrol are available to stream on Max.

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