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James Gunn Disputes Henry Cavill's Rumored DCU Role

As DC Studios chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran are currently working on the first slate of the new DCU franchise, we've been hearing several rumors about the casting and the projects that they're planning aside from what was announced a couple of weeks ago. So far, Gunn has disputed some of them.

A lot of fans have also been hoping that Henry Cavill will be part of the new franchise after he was let go of the role of Superman in the aftermath of his supposed comeback in the mid-credits scene of Black Adam. However, his involvement remains out of the possibility as of this moment.

There have been rumors in the past couple of weeks that the actor will have a voice role in the upcoming DCU series Creature Commandos as Frankenstein although that has never been confirmed. Either way, fans are hopeful that this will mark his return to the world of DC.

Unfortunately, those hopes have been shot down as Gunn has debunked the rumor in his recent tweet as he confirmed that Cavill is NOT voicing Frankenstein in the series and his involvement in the project was never discussed.

"Completely false. We have our Frankenstein - our first choice - & it’s not Henry. Was never discussed with him. #CreatureCommandos," he wrote.

In a response to a tweet from a fan, Gunn also clarified that his dispute with the Cavill report does not indicate any hatred towards the actor and he is simply debunking the scoop that has been reported by several sites.

"Its on various news sites & I was asked about it. You might consider that this bile you think comes off in my post has more to do with your framing than what I’m actually saying," he responded. "I’ve said in the past we’ve discussed other roles with Henry - just Frankenstein is not one of them."

This should put down the rumors and speculations that have been talked about amongst the DC fandom since it looks like Cavill is not making his return to the DC Universe anytime soon for now. However, this doesn't mean that the actor will not be appearing in the franchise and the possibility is still out there even though the signs are not telling it.

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HBO Max and DC Studios have not set a release window yet for Creature Commandos, which is currently in production.

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