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James Gunn Dismisses Report About Cancelation of Green Lantern Project

Credit: WB

Say what you will about James Gunn and Peter Safran's restructuring of the DC Universe but there's no denying that they've managed to keep the fandom quite invested and intrigued. This week, another rumor circulated all over social media that displeased many — and that is the alleged cancelation of HBO Max's Green Lantern series.

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Credit: WB

The project has been in development for years now but key details about the show have remained under wraps. Last October, it was reported that the show was being "redeveloped" and this was before Gunn and Safran were appointed as DC Studios co-heads.

Well, it turns out that there's zero validity to the new rumors surrounding the canning of the long-awaited Green Lantern project and according to the Peacemaker director himself, the project is still on track. Responding to Comic Book Resources' report about the rumored cancelation of the project, Gunn simply said: "Fake." Check it out here:

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Gunn previously stated that Green Lantern will be one of his priorities along with several characters that have either been misused or have yet to make it to live-action. As it stands, we still don't know what Gunn and Safran have in store for the franchise but we're keeping an open mind. Hopefully, they'll make good on their promise of putting the fans first before anything else.

In other DCU news, the franchise's next film, Shazam! Fury of the Gods is slated for release on March 17, 2023.

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