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James Cameron Lost It With Avatar 2 Executive When Told To Make The Film Shorter

James Cameron has been talking non-stop about his upcoming sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, especially when it comes to hoping he gets a higher return value from its ticket sales. With the hype for the anticipated sequel, Cameron would think his team would support his decision in having a longer runtime for the film. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case with his executive.

Speaking with GQ, James Cameron shares that an executive reportedly approached him, practically ‘begging’ him for a shorter runtime for the Avatar sequel. To that, Cameron responds with his goal and initial mindset on the matter, by claiming the sequel is set to become a huge financial success. Read his full comment below:

“I said something I’ve never said to anybody else in the business: I think this movie is going to make all the fucking money. And when it does, it’s going to be too late for you to love the film. The time for you to love the movie is today. So I’m not asking you to say something that you don’t feel, but just know that I will always know that no matter how complimentary you are about the movie in the future when it makes all the money.”

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With the previous Avatar’s global office gross of over $2.9 billion, James Cameron reiterates the money Avatar: The Way of Water will be earning upon its release. He reenacts the manner in which he told off his executive before kicking him out of his office.

“And that’s exactly what I said, in all caps, ALL THE MONEY, not some of the money, all the fucking money. I said, ‘You can’t come back to me and compliment the film or chum along and say, ‘Look what we did together.’ You won’t be able to do that.’ At that point, that particular studio executive flipped out and went bug shit on me. And I told him to get the fuck out of my office. And that’s where it was left.”

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to hit theaters this coming December 16.

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