Jameela Jamil Continues to Tease Team-Up with the MCU’s Best New Character

Fans were incredibly bummed out after She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's fifth episode didn't feature another cameo appearance from arguably the hottest Marvel Cinematic Universe character right now — Madisynn King (that's with two "Ns" and one "Y" but it's not where you think). The obnoxiously endearing character, played by MCU newcomer Patty Guggenheim instantly clicked with the show's audience thanks to her hilarious antics and well, her undeniable chemistry with "Wongers".

Madisynn and Wong
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Even the show's main villain Jameela Jamil is clearly obsessed with Madisynn, so much so that she's been posting videos of her with Guggenheim on social media. And it looks like the Titania actress really wants to team up with Wong's new bestie as she posted a new video on social media, seemingly hinting that she'll be sharing some scenes with the fan-favorite party girl.

We're not quite sure if the video was actually taken during the filming of the series, but judging by the outfits both actors are wearing which totally scream their respective characters, it seems to be a dead giveaway that Titania and Madisynn will finally be crossing paths, possibly in the upcoming episode.

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Titania and Madisynn have yet to make an interaction in She-Hulk which is kind of baffling, especially considering their characters — one who's an egotistical influencer and the other being an alcohol-loving party-goer will automatically jive. Now, this might be a stretch but it got me thinking, what if the devil Madisynn was referring to is actually Titania and she's secretly working for her?

The latest episode of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now streaming on Disney+.

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