IVE Soars To Popularity, Receives Massive Praise Following Debut

Credit: starshipTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: starshipTV/YouTube Screenshot

Starship Entertainment has officially launched a new all-female group. On Wednesday, IVE entered the K-pop scene with its debut track, ELEVEN.

The six-member act immediately gained a massive following and received tons of praise from netizens. Koreaboo reported that the group had impressed many individuals since the release of their debut material.

Waves of Praises For The New Idols

Within hours of their official launch, IVE amassed only positive attention from the public. Apart from their stunning visuals, their first-ever music production shows that they are also “ridiculously talented.”

The publication claimed that these are likely the reasons why the music video of Eleven has since become viral. Moreover, the compliments have continued to overflow on various platforms.

The six new K-pop idols now have fans both in the local and international scenes. There has been reportedly an “outpour of love” for the act, seemingly making them one of today’s up-and-coming “it” girl groups.

Global Potential of The K-pop Group

IVE was already making the headlines even before the debut. A report from Forbes even said that the numbers associated with the group signal its “global potential.”

As explained, the first video introduction of the K-pop group has obtained over 3.9 million views in under three weeks. In addition, each member’s introduction video has racked up about a million views.

The same dynamic was seen in the group’s newly launched social media accounts. Even without any music released before the public, their pages on various platforms reportedly boasted “impressive numbers."

About IVE

Starship Entertainment first teased the arrival of the new girl group earlier this year. On November 1, the agency launched the official social media accounts of the sextet act.

It was only a week later when reps confirmed the debut of the new K-pop group. IVE then became Starship’s first new act since CRAVITY in April 2020 and the first all-female group since WJSN in 2016.

IVE has six members: Leeseo, Gaeul, Rei, Liz, Wonyoung, and Yujin. The last two idols already experienced the world of K-pop during their time with IZ*ONE.

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