It Seems Like DC's Streaming Service Isn't Doing as Well as Expected

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DC launched their streaming service last year with the promise of bringing in some original content for the platform, but it looks like it was a failed venture for the likes of WB and AT&T.

We don't have any hard numbers on how bad DC Universe is performing, but this comes from The GWW's Thomas Polito:

Even with the promise of original content for the service, it doesn't look like it's enough of a draw for some audience members to add one more streaming platform to their monthly subscriptions. As of now, the only show that's been the face of DC Universe is Titans which has been getting a lukewarm reception. Sure there are other series coming along like that Harley Quinn show, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing, but is it really enough to keep the DC Universe boat afloat?


Judging by how DC Universe is going, I'm now curious on what kind of reception Disney+ is going to get when it finally comes out this year. Sure it has the promise of some original content like the Lady and the Tramp movie plus Jon Favreau's Star Wars: The Mandalorian, but will it really be enough to entice people to subscribe to the platform?

Then again, you can't just compare Disney and DC. That's like comparing an orange to one whole apple tree.

Is DC Universe expected to close soon, or will it eventually pick up down the line? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Subscribe to DC Universe today.

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