It Looks Like Ash Won't Be Winning the Alolan Pokemon League

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Fans have been enjoying the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime but all good things must come to an end. While nothing official has been confirmed, it's a very real possibility that they will be ending the anime soon, especially with Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out soon. Still, fans are looking forward to the show's end, even if Ash is going to lose.

Yeah, fans aren't even trying to convince themselves that he has a chance this time.

The series will soon be handling the Alolan Pokemon League, just like the 3DS games, but unlike players around the world, Ash has a horrible party of Pokemon. Sure, he has his good Pikachu, who treads the line between an unstoppable force and a person made out of glass with alarming inconsistency but Ketchum's other Pokemon aren't particularly impressive.

This is Ash's final team before the league. He's going to get fucked so hard.

Rowlett might be an adorable starter but it's doubtful that Ash has maxed his level and the fact that it hasn't even reached its second form is worrisome. Torracat is the evolved form of Littin, who isn't a bad Pokemon by any means but Professor Kukui has an Incineroar, which is much more impressive. Lycanroc is….alright.

Meltan can also be seen in Rowlett's head. Considering how massive and awesome Melmetal, its evolved form is, there's a good chance that Ash will be able to rely on it for a battle. That being said, this is his most unimpressive party in years and he will likely lose again.

Does anyone else miss Greninja?

Will Ash actually win the Pokemon League in Pokemon Sun and Moon? It seems unlikely but the writers can surprise us.

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