IT Director Andy Muschietti To Direct The Adaptation Of HG Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’

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IT director Andy Muschietti is certainly in demand these days. Not only has the director been tapped by Warner Brothers to work on the studio's live-action adaptation of the popular anime/manga series Attack on Titan, Muschietti has also been tasked to helm the adaptation of the classic novel The Time Machine.

According to Deadline, Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures have hired Muschietti together with his producer sister Barbara Muschietti to work on the studio's new version of The Time Machine. The Muschietti siblings have already written a treatment for the movie and Barbara is set to produce the movie together with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson.


Meanwhile, Arnold Leibovit is set to executive produce the project. The producer also did the same work for the 2002 version of The Time Machine directed by Simon Wells. Starring Guy Pearce, the 2002 version of the movie was the second version of the movie, the first one being directed by George Pal back in 1960.

Based on the classic science-fiction novel by H.G. Wells, The Time Machine movies follows the story of an inventor in Victorian England who whips together a device that allows him to travel through time. However, arriving 800,00 years into the future, this inventor finds himself in a time where humanity has separated itself into two different races that are at war with one another.

The Time Machine doesn't have a set production date yet, but with Muschietti wrapping up principal photography on IT: Chapter 2, we could probably see the director beginning work on the project soon.

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