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Is Yuji Itadori Going to Die in Jujutsu Kaisen

Fans who just watched Jujutsu Kaisen until Season 1 episode 5 would be shocked by what happened. It appeared that Itadori was not able to swap with Ryoumen Sukuna, and the cursed spirit was able to have full control over Yuji's body.

In the episode, Sukuna informed Megumi that Yuji will not be coming back after overusing his power without a pack. Megumi didn't seem to believe him at first but the situation changed after Sukuna ripped out Yuji's heart. Sukuna throws Yuji's heart away, giving Megumi the idea that Yuji is not coming back even if they swap. Did Yuji Itadori really die in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Is Yuji Itadori Going to Die in Jujutsu Kaisen

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The answer is yes. Although Yuji did die, fans are kind of expecting that he will come back. He is the show's protagonist after all and it is still too early for a show to kill a lead character that soon (if that was the show's objective).


After ripping Yuji's heart, Sukuna then fought Megumi. This was also where Megumi realized that Sukuna has a Reverse Cursed Technique wherein cursed energy can heal the user. With this, Megumi decided that he needed to put Sukuna at a disadvantage to heal Yuji's body.

Megumi did his best to pressure Sukuna but he failed miserably. Sukuna was able to destroy Megumi's Orochi Shinigami. The jujutsu sorcerer was planning to go all out until Yuju returned and bid farewell to Megumi with the line, "live a long life".

In episode 6, Sukuna offered Yuji a deal. Sukuna wanted to use Yuji's body for one whole minute. If Yuji agreed, he would forget the pack. Of course, Yuji rejected the deal even if it means that Sukuna will not heal his body. Sukuna did not stop there and further explained that once they make a pact, it cannot be broken, otherwise Sukuna will be punished.

Yuji thought more about the revelation and offered that they should fight to the death instead. Sukuna just cuts the top of Yuji's head, eventually getting what he wanted. After that, Yuji came back from the dead.

Fans of the show shouldn't be worried because Yuji is back for good. Find out the top 10 strongest characters of Jujutsu Kaisen in this article.

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