Is Violet Evergarden Human?

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Violet Evergarden is a story about Auto Memory Dolls, who are people who worked for Dr. Orland. They are tasked to assist his blind wife whenever she writes her novels. Eventually, the role of the dolls expanded and would also help other people who employ them. One of the tasks they do is to write for other people.

The story focuses on Violet Evergarden who comes back into society. She was once a soldier and now that war is over, she needs to search for her life’s purpose. She also wanted to understand the last words of her guardian and mentor. Viewers have noticed that she was expressionless and cannot understand the feelings of others. Is she a human or a cyborg?

Is Violet Evergarden Human?

Is Violet Evergarden Human?
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Is Violet Evergarden Human?

Other than having no expressions and lack of empathy, Violet has robotic arms which add a reason for viewers to wonder about her biology. But Violet is not a robot. She is a human being who grew up in an environment that required her to be emotionless. As someone who was groomed to be a soldier, Violet only learned how to fight and treat herself.

She had an accident as a soldier which caused her to lose her arms. Her skills were above average and might seem superhuman but those were expected of her as she was a soldier before. Now that she is back in society and is working as an Auto Memory Doll, Violet must learn how to write with emotions and make it seem like her client was the one who actually wrote it.

The task is difficult for her as she does not understand human emotions at all. She writes the words literally without emotions that can be misunderstood by others. While she finds her way around her work, she also has to surpass her trauma after all the hardships she encountered in her life. What fans will be intrigued by in the series is how Violet will develop over time. As an Auto Memories Doll, she will meet different people that will enlighten her on how to understand people better.

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