Is Vagabond Season 2 Confirmed? RELEASE DATE STATUS, POSSIBLE CAST, and Everything We Know

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

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The Kdrama world has been in chaos these past few days with some even binge-watching Vagabond season 1 to satisfy their hopes for a possible Vagabond season 2. If you're one of those who are waiting for an official announcement about the said Kdrama returning for a second installment, then read on.

What is the plot of Vagabond?

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Credit: Netflix

Vagabond premiered on SBS TV on September 20, 2019. Each episode is released consecutively on Netflix for international viewing. The Kdrama stars Lee Seung Gi, Suzy Bae, and Shin Sung Rok.

Vagabond tells the story of an underrated stuntman named Cha Dal-geon (Lee Seung Gi) who lives with his orphaned nephew, Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin). Before Hoon leaves for a field trip to Morocco, he and his uncle had an argument.

Not long after, Dal-geon heard the news of a plane crash that took the lives of 200 civilians due to a structural failure, which he discovered was the same plane where his nephew is on.

Dal-geon went to Morocco to attend the funeral made for all the victims of the crash. On his way home to South Korea, he came across a supposedly dead passenger as he figured from the video his nephew had recorded before the dreadful happening. From then, Dal-geon starts to dig in the truth behind the plane crash, figuring out whether it is really an accident because of a malfunction or was planned by someone.

As his personal investigation gets tough with all his found shreds of evidence mysteriously erased, his life as well gets threatened while trying to prove that the crash was not an accident.

To this, he became partners with a covert operative for the National Intelligence Service, Go Hae-ri (Suzy Bae). With the help of Hae-ri, Dal-geon resolves what really happened behind the death of his nephew and the many passengers on the plane, leading them to a deeper issue of corruption.

Is Vagabond season 2 confirmed?

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Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, there are no official announcements whether Vagabond Season 2 is really happening. But as Vagabond ended on a cliffhanger, fans and viewers of the series still hope that all remaining questions will be answered soon.

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Vagabond season 2 possible cast

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Credit: Netflix

If Vagabond season 2 happens, we will most probably see the perfect chemistry of Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae once more.

Recently, Lee Seung gi joined the cast of the Netflix variety show Busted! for its third season. With his splendid act in the said program, the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Mouse actor received a Baeksang Arts Award as Best Male Variety Performer.

On the other hand, Suzy Bae starred in the Netflix Korean drama Start Up alongside Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor Kim Seon Ho and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo star Nam Joo Hyuk. Suzy portrayed the character of Seo Dal-mi, an aspiring entrepreneur who dreams of becoming South Korea's Steve Jobs by starting her own start-up company.

Meanwhile, Vagabond has created such an amazing feat starting with its premiere in 2019. The Kdrama's first episode saw itself at the top of its local time slot, marking the highest viewership ratings across all public broadcast networks in South Korea. During the Kdrama's airing, it consistently dominated top searches in South Korea and has gained international interest.

Stay tuned to Epicstream for the latest news and updates for the highly-anticipated Vagabond Season 2!

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