Is The Misfit of Demon King Academy a Harem Anime?

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Is The Misfit of Demon King Academy a Harem Anime? Anos Voldigoad
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A powerful demon king, Anos Voldigoad, reincarnates as a misfit and attends school with his descendants, but does The Misfit of Demon King Academy fall into the harem anime genre?

Before we find out if the series is a harem, let’s learn more about its protagonist who is admired by several female characters in the series.


Who Is Anos Voldigoad?

A mighty demon, Anos, who was infamously called the Demon King of Tyranny, is the titular character of this action, fantasy, and isekai anime series.

During the mythical age, Anos used his incredible powers to crush his enemies without breaking a sweat.


In his previous life, he battled against several enemies including the Hero Kanon. Eventually, Anos got tired of the battles and decided to find a way to establish peace between the warring factions.

He got into an agreement with the Great Spirit Reno, Hero Kanon, and the Goddess of Creation Militia. Anos sacrificed himself to ensure there was peace.

After his reincarnation, he still remains a resolute being but he has changed quite a lot as he resurrects in the Magical Age. Since he possesses incredible powers, he has an easygoing attitude.


Despite being a demon, he is kind and believes in helping the weak. Because of his attitude and personality, he has quite a female following in the academy.

Is The Misfit of Demon King Academy a Harem Anime Series?

The Misfit of Demon King Academy is an interesting anime that is an out-and-out action fantasy with elements of a harem. However, it is difficult to say that it is a straight-up harem anime.


Anos is extremely popular in his class, and his female classmates adore him, with many considering him their master. Even Anos is shown as someone who is kind and gentle toward his female allies in the series.

He is particularly fond of the Necron sisters – Sasha and Misha. Both Sasha and Misha view Anos as their love interest.

Apart from the Necron sisters, Misa also admires Anos. She tries her best to prove that she is worthy of being around the Demon King of Tyranny.


Anos greatly respects Misa as she reminds him of a great spirit named Lignon from 2000 years ago.

Interestingly, Anos doesn’t act like the typical male protagonist of a harem anime series. He is sophisticated and respectful and focuses more on the academy and the obstacles he faces in the peaceful era.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 is available to watch on Crunchyroll. Aniplus Asia also simulcasts the series in various Asian regions.

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