Is Suicide Squad Isekai Based on a Manga? Exploring the DC Anime's Origins

is suicide squad isekai based on a manga peacemaker
Credit: Suicide Squad and all related characters and elements & TM DC / 2024 Warner Bros. Japan LLC

is suicide squad isekai based on a manga peacemaker
Credit: Suicide Squad and all related characters and elements & TM DC / 2024 Warner Bros. Japan LLC

The upcoming escapades of the Suicide Squad characters in the isekai world have fans wondering if Suicide Squad Isekai is based on a manga, as most isekai anime are.

As the release date of Suicide Squad Isekai approaches, speculations surrounding the anime's origins have sparked intrigue among both DC and anime fans.

Is Suicide Squad Isekai Based on a Manga? Origins Explored

No, the Suicide Squad Isekai anime adaptation is not based on a manga, so don't expect to come across any source material on the internet or on random bookshelves to find out what happens next to the beloved DC characters.

Instead, the upcoming isekai anime from Warner Bros. Japan's Anime Production and Wit Studio will present an original story in which DC characters such as the Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Peacemaker, and King Shark are transported to the isekai world.

In charge of Suicide Squad Isekai's series composition are none other than Eiji Umehara (Peacemaker Kurogane: Belief, Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us, Vivy Prototype light novel) and Tappei Nagatsuki (Warlords of Sigrdrifa, Re:ZERO—Starting Life in Another World).

In an interview, executive producer Hiroyuki Omori disclosed that the Suicide Squad Isekai project began development three or four years ago.

The rest is history, as the producers and staff agreed to collaborate on the project to introduce non-Japanese anime viewers to anime and the isekai genre, as well as Japanese anime fans to the DC franchise.

How Original Will Suicide Squad Isekai Be? Creators Share Details

Unlike most isekai anime where the main character dies before getting isekai'd, the DC characters in Suicide Squad Isekai will not meet a tragic end in the real world.

No truck-kun will run over the characters, nor will there be a vending machine that will drop on a character's head all of a sudden.

As revealed by Wit Studio producer Sho Ohtani, the characters will choose to go to the isekai world of their own accord, which marks a significant departure from the genre, as isekai characters are typically forced to leave the actual world for the isekai world.

Suicide Squad Isekai will also not be as dark and disturbing as other anime in the genre, as it will contain some light and enjoyable moments that will surely delight fans, as revealed by series director Eri Osada in the same interview.

While Suicide Squad Isekai is not based on an existing manga, it is expected to capture the essence of the isekai genre, combining the infamous anti-hero team from DC comics with the fantasy elements of being transported to another world.

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