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Is Steve Rogers President in Marvel's What If..? Episode 8

With all the alternate realities that could exist, there are endless possibilities of what could happen including our heroes being involved in politics because today, anyone could run for an electoral post and win as long as he is popular. In Marvel's What If..?, anything is possible so in Episode 8, is Steve Rogers President?

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Marvel's What If..?. Read at your own risk!

Is Steve Rogers President in Marvel's What If..? Episode 8

Is Steve Rogers President in Marvel's What If..? Episode 8
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In Marvel's What If..? Episode 8,What If.. Ultron Won?, in an apocalyptic future, Ultron won the battle against the Avengers and lorded over the world, bringing peace by dissipating life as we know it. Just as Ultron eliminated all life on Earth, Thanos arrived with all the five stones, and with a flick of the Mind Stone, Ultron cut the Mad Titan in half, and taking all the Infinity Stones for himself, allowing him to destroy other planets and galaxies.


In his pursuit in the different galaxies, he even encountered Captain Marvel who tried to stop him but failed as she was destroyed along with the planets around her, all at once. When all of life was destroyed, Ultron sits in silence as he emerges victorious in his goal of bringing peace.

His cosmic awareness raised and he recognized the presence of Uatu who was surprised how Ultron could do that. He became the gateway for Utron to see that there are other universes in existence and he wanted to extend his peace in every corner of the multiverse. Uatu, still holding on to his oath not to intervene, remains hopeful to the heroes.

However, Ultron was able to break through his place and they had a battle. Uatu is so strong that he could counter and face Ultron despite him holding six Infinity Stones. Ultron asked why Uatu just kept watching and The Watcher exclaimed that he swore an oath against intervention on the natural order of things and Ultron claimed that it is him, the natural order itself.

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They fought and in one of the various realities they landed in, Steve Rogers was on the screen of Times Square taking an oath himself as the President of the United States. Considering that he is Captain America, holding the highest office in the country, he could be President America in this instance.

This is not new to Marvel comics as What If? Vol.1 was released in 1981, "What If Captain America Had Been Elected President?," and it almost had its own episode according to What If..? Showrunner A.C. Bradley. Bradley shared on Deadline's Hero Nation podcast, "This was an episode I pitched both seasons, and I doubt it's ever going to be made… I wanted to do Captain America meets West Wing more than anything…"

Bradley added, "I wanted the walk-and-talks, I wanted the full Aaron Sorkin treatment. We were playing around with it for ages. It was just something we did over beers, me and [writer] Matt [Chauncey] because we're huge Sorkin-heads. But it was always one that hit the cutting-room floor. It's a super talky episode… there's not a lot of action."

While it did not happen as an episode, it was a fun cameo and possibility to see Captain America enter politics and become the POTUS.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 8 is now streaming on Disney+.