Is Spider-Man 3 Actually Called Spider-Man: Homesick?

Credit: Marvel

Credit: Marvel

Set to see the return of Tom Holland as the wall-crawler, Spider-Man 3 will explore what happens once the hero's identity has been compromised following Mysterio's death. It's likely that Spider-Man will face enemies more than ever with his true identity revealed, so he ought to find someplace to hide other than his home and will eventually get homesick. Well, so as the sequel's title suggests, with rumors surfacing that the upcoming Spider-Man movie will be called Spider-Man: Homesick, sticking with its theme of having the reoccurring word "home."

In a report from Murphy's Multiverse, he has gathered some evidence that points to the sequel being called Homesick. Outlets Esquire and Maxim both have the movie listed as Spider-Man: Homesick in their respective upcoming film pages for quite some time now.

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Credit: Marvel, Sony

In addition, the outlet recently reported that prep work for the Spider-Man sequel has already started taking place in Atlanta. And as you might have guessed, Murphy's Multiverse heard that the film was also referred to as Homesick.

That said, as the outlet points out, this is no confirmation of sorts and is just evidence being shared. However, towards the end of the article, it reads, "your call but that's not the only name we've heard," hinting that there are possible other titles being considered for the film other than the rumored title floating around.

There are still various titles that the word "home" could be placed in, which will certainly give a hint of what's to come in the movie. As of right now, the sequel is still shrouded in mystery and its predecessor, Far From Home, raised a lot of questions.

Spider-Man 3 is set for release in 2021.

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