Is Sony Having a Hard Time Pricing the PS5?

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Besides the Xbox Series X, PlayStation is set to enter the next generation of gaming with the PS5. The console is set to launch this December, but Sony seems to have run into a problem.

According to CCN, Sony could be having trouble when it comes to pricing the PS5. For now, it looks like console could come with a price tag of $450–$500, and that's because materials needed to build the console are expected to have a huge raise within the year. For example, Sony wants to use an SSD for the console's memory, but the hardware is expecting to get its price raised by 40 percent in 2020.


Besides performance, the price point of a console has proven crucial to its success. The PS4 is said to be a huge success, partially because of its more consumer-friendly price of $399; compare that to the PS3 which was said to have stumbled at launch because it came with a price tag that was too much for consumers.

Of course, this is all just speculation on our part, but the site does bring up some legitimate concerns. If anything, I think it's always best to wait a year after the launch of a console, that way a lot of the kinks have been worked out, and you'll probably have a better selection of games.

We don't have a price point for the PS5 yet, but I'm expecting some kind of announcement at E3 this June. The PS5 launches this December.

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