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Is Rimuru a Boy or a Girl in Reincarnated as a Slime? Gender Explained

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Is Rimuru a Boy or Girl in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime? Gender Explained

When Rimuru entered the world, he was a blue slime. But as time passed, fans noticed that Rimuru had transformed into a blue-haired girl. Does this mean that Rimuru became a girl, or is he still a man like his previous self?

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But First, How Did Rimuru End Up in a New Magical World?

For those who have not watched That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, it is an isekai anime that follows a salaryman named Satoru Mikami, who mysteriously died and was reincarnated in an unfamiliar world.

He woke up as a slime with a unique ability called “Predator” that allows him to mimic the appearance of anything he devours.

How Did Rimuru End Up in a New Magical World?
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In this new world, he met Veldora Tempest, a Storm Dragon. The two became friends, and Veldora named the slime Rimuru Tempest to provide him with divine protection.

Unfortunately, it was not explained how Rimuru teleported to a new world, but after he gained more abilities, he learned Instantaneous Movement, allowing him to travel across Space-Time.

This ability helped him return to his original world and save himself before dying.

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So, Is Rimuru a Boy or a Girl?

Is Rimuru a Boy or a Girl?
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Rimuru did not stay long as a blue slime as he transformed into a cave monster and a dire wolf.

When he met Shizue Izawa, an otherworlder from the World War II era, she was already on the verge of dying.

Rimuru promised that he would look after her students. He then used his Predator skill to absorb her, which she agreed to, to provide her eternal rest.

After he absorbed her, Shizue lived inside him, and he could now access her likeness.

Is Rimuru a Boy or a Girl Shizue Izawa
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He became an androgynous version of Shizue with slime-blue hair and gold eyes. His body was slightly different from hers as he had a flat chest.

His absorption of Shizue granted him a humanoid form with a natural face to communicate with others in his new world.


Interestingly, the concept of androgyny was tackled in the series. This is because Rimuru is a character who is open to any gender as he appreciates both men and women. He does not mind wearing female clothes too.

His open-minded soul complemented his different forms, whether he was a slime, a Japanese man, or a blue-haired woman.

The story gives viewers the impression that Rimuru can be anyone and anything he wants, but that does not change his kind and generous heart.

So, which version of Rimuru do you like best: slime, humanoid, or human? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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