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Where to Watch Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Season 2: Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, or Funimation in English Sub or Dub?

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Season 2

Kyoto Animation is making their long-awaited return to television this summer with Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Season 2 (officially titled Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S) and Crunchyroll is beating the rush by announcing a full 3 and a half months early that they will simulcast the series as part of their summer lineup! While no other streaming service including Funimation, HIDIVE, or Netflix has announced their acquisition of this series as well, it's worth noting that the first season was streamed with an English dub eventually by Funimation so the odds are good that they will continue that trend with season 2.

Originally a seinen manga series created by Coolkyousinnjya and serialized in Monthly Action magazine, the series began its run in May 2013 and has since released 9 volumes as of November 2019. Since the start of the main series, they have also spun the story off 4 times with each spinoff series focusing on a different supporting character.

Kyoto Animation produced the first anime adaptation, and it was met with wild applause from both fans and critics. Soon after the first season ended, the studio announced a sequel series which was meant to air much earlier but because of the Kyoto Animation arson attack which left over 30 people dead including the original director Yasuhiro Takemoto, its status became unknown for a while. Finally, in 2020, it was revealed that the studio was indeed moving forward with plans to release the second season in summer 2021 with Tatsuya Ishihara taking over as director (though Takemoto is listed as ‘series director' in the credits). The rest of the cast and crew are returning to reprise their roles.

You can watch Season 2 of Dragon Maid for free on Crunchyroll, Hulu Japan, and the first season only on Funimation.

Crunchyroll is describing the story of the second season as:

The wacky Dragon Maid is back again!
A strange turn of events leads the Dragon, Tohru, to work as Miss Kobayashi's maid.
She occasionally (that's a lie, she often) causes trouble for her beloved Miss Kobayashi while blending into human society and splendidly (that's a lie, only mediocrely) carrying out her maid duties.
Her fellow dragons, Kanna, Lucoa, Fafnir, and Elma all find their own places to fit in as well and enjoy interspecies interactions with the humans.
Yet while they're all enjoying that laid-back and occasionally turbulent left, the threat of a new Dragon swoops down upon Miss Kobayashi.

This announcement is a big deal for a variety of reasons. First, because it's more Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, which is always a good thing! The second reason is that it's nice to see that Kyoto Animation has returned to business as usual after the horrific attack that occurred almost 2 years ago. We will never forget you, Takemoto, nor any of the other victims of that senseless tragedy.

Source: Crunchyroll

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