Is LOONA Disbanding? K-Pop Girl Group Might Break Up Amid Agency's Financial Woes

Credit: loonatheworld’s YouTube Channel

Credit: loonatheworld’s YouTube Channel

LOONA might end their career sooner than expected.

While other K-pop groups disband due to lack of promotion and members' non-renewal of contracts, things are different on LOONA's part as they only suffer due to their agency's financial issues.

It has been revealed this week that Block Berry Creative currently deals with monetary problems as it failed to pay the wages of its staff. The company also has a long list of overdue payments to suppliers outside the company who previously worked with the group.

Although the problem had been floating for months already, it was only recently when Block Berry Creative decided to suspend all its ongoing processes to stop the expenses from ballooning. However, as of the writing, it already made $85,000 to $760,000 unpaid expenses.

The Effect of Agency's Financial Problem On LOONA

LOONA Disbanding, Disbandment Rumors
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Block Berry Creative already signed an agreement to pay the expenses as soon as possible. It remains unknown when the deadline would be, but it would indeed affect LOONA's future promotion.

Since the company cannot afford to hire stylists and staff to help the group, the situation could reportedly lead to the group's cancelation of promotions.

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The agency also does not have enough funds to support the K-pop girl group while thinking of ways to solve the issue.

The group's choreographer has since broken her silence about her dues. She recently asked the company to settle the amount and warned them that she would only continue serving the members since they work hard.

But if the problem persists, she might leave the group all alone.

Fans Begged People to Help LOONA

LOONA Disbanding, Disbandment Rumors
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Following the news, fans reached out to people who they thought could help the group.

LOONA fans initially asked Elon Musk to help the girls or buy the company to prevent the impending disbandment. Space X's CEO is currently the world's richest man, having $200.3 billion net worth as of the writing.

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Since Musk is a fan of LOONA and member Gowon is their child's godmother, fans asked the tech mogul to help them with the problem.

Musk nor Grimes already responded to the plea, but LOONA's disbandment would indeed occur if the problems would reach no progress in the next few days or weeks.

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