Is John Cena Going To Play Dr. Manhattan For HBO's Watchmen Series??

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We know that HBO has picked up a series based on Alan Moore's Watchmen, but so far we have no idea on who will be part of the cast. For some reason, though, wrestler John Cena has been posting some things on Instagram that could hint at him playing a part in the show.

Check these out:

You'd think that posting the picture of the smiley badge was enough, but he also posted a picture of Dr. Manhattan. Is he hinting at a role in the film, or just showing appreciation for the comic. What is it, Cena??


Despite Cena's wrestler persona, he can actually come out as a huge nerd, if you can believe it or not. Just watch this clip of Cena geeking out about his new computer rig and how much he loves playing Red Alert 3:

Besides all that, Cena actually has the physicality to pull off Doctor Manhattan's body. Billy Crudup had to have a double play the more muscular Manhattan in Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie, but if Cena were to take the role, I'd imagine he'd need a double to play pre-Dr. Manhattan Jon Osterman.

For now, this could just be a little teaser, but hopefully someone official confirms it soon.

Damon Lindelof is in charge of adapting Watchmen for HBO, but for now, the series still has no release date.

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