27 Mar 2018 11:36 AM +00:00 UTC

Is Henry Cavill's Manager Teasing His Superman Appearance in ‘Shazam!’?

We don't exactly know when Henry Cavill is showing up again as Superman, but it has been rumored that he'll be making an appearance in next year's Shazam!. Cavill's manager Dany Garcia has just posted up this picture of Cavill, and it looks like she's trying to get us excited for something.

Here's the post:

Of course, it's possible that this post isn't about Shazam! at all, but you can't help the fans from speculating. After he disappointment that was Justice League, a lot of DCEU fans are still holding out that WB will finally use the Last Son of Krypton in a movie properly.


If it's not Shazam!, I don't know what else this could be a teaser for. I would say a Man from UNCLE sequel, but Guy Ritchie is still working on his live-action Aladdin movie with Disney, and I don't think WB would want to push forward with the sequel without Ritchie.

As for Superman's rumored appearance in Shazam!, I'm not expecting too much of him in the film. At best, I think we're going to be seeing Superman from the eyes of Bill Batson, via newspaper clippings or Youtube videos. Granted Superman and Captain Marvel's history in the comics, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get a team-up somewhere down the line. You think people will be lining up for Captain Marvel v Superman: Dawn of Adam?

Shazam! is set to hit theaters April 5, 2019.

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