Is Halloween Ends Worth Watching?

Halloween Ends (2022) is currently slashing its way through the box office and Universal's streaming service Peacock. It's the thirteenth movie in the franchise and the conclusion to the new series of films from Blumhouse. But is Halloween Ends worth watching?

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Though we've already reviewed Halloween Ends, we haven't yet answered the question: Is Halloween Ends worth watching? While you can take from our spoiler review what you will, we're going to help you decide whether you should check it out in movie theaters, or stream it on Peacock.

Halloween Ends is the concluding chapter in the Halloween Trilogy from David Gordon Green and Blumhouse Productions. Canonically, the series also acknowledges John Carpenter's original 1978 film Halloween (1978) as part of its timeline (there are a number of timelines in the Halloween series).

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The film is currently making waves at the box office, both domestically and in international markets, and has even broken records on Peacock, with NBCUniversal saying that it's the most watched movie/TV show of all time within a two-day period, which, needless to say, is impressive.

However, Halloween Ends isn't just slicing its way through the box office and the streaming service, as it has also cut the fanbase directly down the middle, while being slaughtered by movie critics. So what is everyone's problem with the latest Halloween installment?

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Well, there are three primary criticisms. The first is that this movie has been marketed as the definitive Laurie Strode/Michael Myers showdown, yet this isn't something that takes place until well into the third act, with the film spending a great deal of time on a newly introduced character.

Which leads us nicely onto our second point - the character of Corey Cunningham, played by Rohan Campbell, makes for a truly compelling lead, however, many feel that introducing a new character this late into a trilogy, upon whom the film relies heavily, is quite jarring.

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And thirdly, considering Halloween Ends is, of course, a Halloween movie, it doesn't feature all that much in the way of Michael Myers. Again, this is something that is attributed to the way the film utilizes the character Corey Cunningham. But do all these things make Halloween Ends a bad film?

The answer isn't so simple, largely because everyone has a different opinion. But as you're reading this article, evidently, you've come here for ours, and we firmly believe that Halloween Ends is perhaps one of the most interesting and compelling installments the franchise has ever seen.

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Corey Cunningham's story is a breath of fresh air for the Halloween franchise, and the trials and tribulations his character is put through arguably breaks some new ground too. And though Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) is indeed absent for the first half of the film, when he's back, he's terrifying.

As for the showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, there is perhaps an argument to be made. But with that said, let's pool it with the fact that Michael is absent for a good chunk of the film - how many Halloween movies have you already seen that offer both of these things in spades?

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Maybe the third film in a trilogy wasn't the best place to take risks, but it's more than likely that had the film been a murder-by-numbers affair with Michael dispatching Haddonites left and right, it would have been criticized just as badly as its predecessor Halloween Kills (2021).

If you're looking for a Halloween movie that's consistent in tone, structure, and direction as Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills, the chances are you'll be very disappointed. However, that doesn't mean that Halloween Ends, for all its flaws, doesn't respect the overarching narrative established its predecessors.

The film deals with the aftermath of Halloween Kills, while also casting a lens over what evil really is. Is it born, or is it manufactured by all of us? Or is it both? It might not be your traditional Halloween movie, but Halloween Ends is easily among the most thought-provoking in the series.

As such, if you've managed to avoid the many trailers and TV spots over the past few weeks, we definitely recommend viewing it in movie theaters, because you're in for quite a few tricks and treats with Halloween Ends...

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As per Blumhouse Pictures (via Wikipedia), here's the official synopsis for Halloween Ends, the final chapter in David Gordon Green's Halloween Trilogy:

Four years after the events of Halloween Kills, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson after the death of her parents.

Laurie has decided to take all the fear and rage, she has been holding onto for the last 4 decades and write a memoir which is almost completed.

Michael Myers has once again disappeared and hasn't been seen since. This time Laurie has decided to liberate her fear and rage and embrace life with open arms.

All is quiet in Haddonfield, but when a young man, Corey Cunningham, is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it ignites a cascade of violence and terror that will force Laurie to finally confront the evil she couldn't control, once and for all.

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Halloween Ends
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Halloween Ends stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Will Patton, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney, and Kyle Richards, who will be reprising their roles as Laurie Strode, Frank Hawkins, Allyson Nelson, Michael Myers, and Lindsey Wallace.

Newcomers include Rohan Campbell (Corey Cunningham) and Michael O'Leary (Dr. Mathis).

Halloween Ends is now out in theaters and is also streaming on Peacock.

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