Is Fate/strange Fake Canon? Timeline Explained

Is Fate/strange Fake Canon? Timeline Explained

Is Fate/strange Fake Canon? Timeline Explained

Fate/strange Fake, a fantasy series that's part of the Summer 2023 anime season, is the newest addition to the beloved Fate franchise. With its reputation for alternative universes and multiple timelines, some fans wonder if Fate/strange Fake is considered canon or not.

Fate/strange Fake: A New World Awaits

Fate/strange Fake is a captivating fantasy series set in the Fate universe. The story revolves around a mysterious city called Snowfield, which is a counterfeit city created as part of a secret experiment.

In this city, seven masters and their servants participate in a Holy Grail War, a battle for the legendary Holy Grail that grants its wielder immense power and the ability to have their deepest desires fulfilled.

However, the Holy Grail War in Snowfield is not as straightforward as it seems.

The participants discover that there are hidden agendas, conflicting interests, and secrets lurking beneath the surface.

As the masters and servants clash in intense battles, they must navigate treacherous alliances, uncover the truth behind the city's existence, and ultimately confront their own desires and ideals.

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Fate/strange Fake Timeline Explained

There have been various theories among fans regarding the timeline of Fate/strange Fake.

Some speculate that it takes place after the Fifth Holy Grail War, citing references such as Shirou as the creator of relics and Francesca Prelati's involvement with the Grail.

However, Kinoko Nasu, who is also known for his other works like Tsukihime and Fate/stay night, clarified in a blog post that Fate/strange Fake has its own distinct timeline.

Despite having its own timeline, Fate/strange Fake has the same setting as the core trilogy and even better, follows the same chronological events.

Another difference this series has is that Fate and Tsukihime exist at the same time.

Fate/strange Fake's writer, Ryōgo Narita, also confirmed that the series does not follow any established timeline, setting it apart from other Fate adaptations.

So, Is Fate/strange Fake Canon?

Canon Status of Fate/strange Fake
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With the timeline of Fate/strange Fake established, we can now determine its canon status.

It's been confirmed that the anime adaptation of Fate/strange Fake will faithfully follow the original light novel by Ryōgo Narita and Morii Shizuki, making it canon within its self-contained narrative.

While it may not directly tie into the main storyline of the Fate series, it still contributes to the expanding lore and universe of the franchise.

Fans can look forward to exploring this intriguing addition to the Fate universe, as it offers a fresh and self-contained narrative while contributing to the overall richness of the franchise.

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