Is Drake Bell Going To Play Robin In The DCEU?

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Drake and Josh star Drake Bell has disappeared into obscurity ever since the show ended, and we haven't really seen him in anything else ever since. Sure he played that grown-up Timmy Turner in the live-action Fairly Odd Parents movie, but nobody saw that one either. For some reason, Bell has tweeted (and now deleted) something teasing the role of Robin from DC. Is he playing an iteration of the character for the DCEU?

Thanks to @unCAGEDgamez on Twitter for the screengrab:


I'm not entirely sure if Bell was just teasing or if he really does have a run for the role. I have a feeling part of why we don't get to see that much of him was because he was typecast for his role on Drake and Josh. The very same thing happened to actors Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, and DeForest Kelley with Star Trek.

Then again, it would be fun to see Bell take on the role of a Robin. It would even be kind of meta if he played Jason Todd before he was murdered by the Joker—meta because no one really wants to see Bell in anything and Todd's death was also something that fans voted for.

It's also worth noting that nobody wanted Ben Affleck to play Batman when it was first announced, but look how that turned out.

We don't know when (or if) the DCEU is planning to reveal a live-action Robin, but the best guess is we get to see him in the solo Batman movie—whenever it comes out. There's also the chance that Bell could be playing Robin for The CW's string of DC shows. It wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

No official release date has been announced for The Batman, but we get to see him Justice League which hits theaters Nov. 17.

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