Is CX404 the Same as Dogmeat in the Fallout Series?

cx4094 dogmeat fallout series
Credit: Amazon Studios

cx4094 dogmeat fallout series
Credit: Amazon Studios

Fallout is finally streaming on Prime Video, and with it comes a lot of questions from long-time series fans. One of the burning questions from fans is if CX404 is the same as Dogmeat in the new Fallout TV series.

This is a fair question as CX404 is reminiscent of Dogmeat from the games. To answer this though, it’s first important to understand the iconic dog from the Fallout video games.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes minor spoilers for Fallout, so proceed with caution.

Who is Dogmeat in the Fallout Games?

cx404 dogmeat fallout series
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout is a popular post-apocalyptic video game series by Bethesda Game Studios. Among the various characters in the franchise, Dogmeat is perhaps one of the most beloved among fans.

That’s because Dogmeat is a loyal sidekick that has appeared in all of the mainline games. Even though Dogmeat is a companion in the games (except for Fallout 2), there are different versions of the dog.

To be exact, the Dogmeat in Fallout 1, 3, and 4 are different dogs. They just share the same name. What’s more, in Fallout 3, Dogmeat can be recruited again with the Broken Steel expansion set upon death.

As Dogmeat has become the de facto name of all companion dogs in the series, fans are wondering if the dog in the Fallout TV series is also Dogmeat.

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Is CX404 Dogmeat in the Prime Video Fallout Series?

cx404 dogmeat fallout series ghoul
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Credit: Amazon Studios

In a word, no. Prime Video’s series features an adorable dog named CX404 who plays a surprisingly big role in the series.

Even though CX404 is not exactly a Dogmeat like the ones in the games, she does play a similar role in being a strong fighter and a helpful ally for the show’s key characters.

For instance, CX404 fought the Ghoul in Episode 2. While this caused her to get a major wound, she thankfully lived after the encounter.

As for her origin, CX404 was the product of a science experiment. This is likely the reason why she’s named as such and not called Dogmeat.

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Fallout TV Series Canon Status, Explained

Even though the dog in this series is different in many ways from the games, fans will be happy to know that the new TV series is canon.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard previously confirmed this, meaning fans of the games wouldn’t need to worry about watching a non-canon story.

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