Is Batman Star George Clooney Making the MCU Jump?

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Two rival franchises have been going head-to-head from the comics until their respective cinematic universes and stars are making the jump from one to another over the years. Recent evidence shows that Batman Star George Clooney is seemingly making the MCU jump in the upcoming series of Moon Knight.

Is Batman Star George Clooney Making the MCU Jump? Evidence Shows His Involvement in Moon Knight.
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Is Batman Star George Clooney Making the MCU Jump? Evidence Shows His Involvement in Moon Knight.

In the website of assistant art director Marco Torresin, he posted an update on Moon Knight where is it indicated that George Clooney will be directing an episode and such suggests that the former Batman star will be debuting in the MCU behind the scenes.

Oscar Isaac who would play the role of Moon Knight will have a little reunion with George Clooney since their project, Suburbicon where Clooney directed the said film and Isaac starred in the same. This could be an advantage for both of them and many are hoping for George Clooney’s on-screen appearance after this.

Moon Knight will finally be arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he would be having his very own series on Disney Plus. Oscar Isaac will be donning the title. In 2019, Kevin Feige announced that the character is about to get into the MCU.

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Marc Spector, born from a respectable family, is a former CIA operative and a Marine that even when he has a strong disposition about morality and violence, he became a mercenary. When he and a fellow mercenary, Raoul Bushman got a job in Sudan, Bushman killed an archaeologist, Spector saved the archaeologist’s daughter. Because of that, Spector was attacked by Bushman and almost died.

Spector was taken to a tomb so he would be sheltered. Such was near the statue of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god, and while Spector momentarily died, he was suddenly revived and was without any injuries nor wounds. He said that Khonshu wanted him to become his “moon’s knight,” through being the protector of the innocent.

In the most recent teaser of the show, it seems that the show will look deeper into the psyche of Oscar Isaac. In the comics, Specter has dissociative identity disorder. How Marvel would handle an extremely sensitive topic on the mental health of Moon Knight would be something to look out for.

Moon Knight is scheduled to debut in 2022.