Iron Fist: Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick Tease Surprising Season 2 Ending

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It looks like Iron Fist Season 2 could have a major plot twist in the finale. Well, at least that's what Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick want us to think.

The stars of the Marvel series recently told CBS News that they are hoping that the show will be renewed for a third season. Jones stated that the finale will have viewers needing a sequel right away.

"We would love to see a Season 3, especially where the story goes this season, and where the characters end at the end of season 2? Like it is just begging for a Season 3. Like you can't not want to see what happens more with these characters."

Henwick added that the second season will not conclude in a cliffhanger. Instead, she says it's "a big tease." Jones elaborated on this by revealing that the finale goes on "a completely different direction" that will be unexpected by the fans. He concluded that Season 2 could potentially allow the cast and crew to "tell a great story."

So what can we expect in Iron Fist Season 2? People have been hoping that Danny Rand and Luke Cage will finally get together to form Heroes for Hire while Colleen Wing and Misty Knight become the Daughters of the Dragon. Although Jones and Henwick insist that the finale will be a major twist, we're hoping this is exactly what happens in the series.

Iron Fist Season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix on September 7.

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