Insane Star Wars Prequel Theory Suggests Mace Windu Could Have Become A Villain Like Palpatine

It might sound strange, but it looks like there's a new fan theory running up and down the mill saying that there might have been a prequel villain more powerful than Emperor Palpatine – Samuel L.Jackson's purple lightsaber-wielding Jedi, Mace Windu.

According to a ridiculous but intriguing new theory in the Star Wars fan theories subreddit, Mace Windu could have actually turned into a villain like Palpatine.

"Mace Windu (like Palpatine) planned to take over the Republic," Star Wars fan u/ImpulsiveBeetle wrote in his post on Reddit.

Expounding on his idea, the Star Wars fan points out that Mace Windu was in the perfect position to wrestle for control of the Republic during the crisis of the Star Wars prequels. Sure, Yoda might have been the Jedi Grandmaster, however, Windu had more influence as the Master of the Jedi Council.

If the Jedi decided to take control of the Republic, then Windu would be the one pulling the strings. The theory also points out to the Jedi's purple lightsaber, suggesting that Windu might not be as inclined to the light side as the rest of the council.

In the Clone Wars, Windu takes on a whole lot of power in the Republic. Not only does he head the Jedi Council, but he also becomes a general of the Republic army. If George Lucas wanted to, he could have lead Windu down the path of the Dark Side the same way he did with Palpatine.

What do you think? Could Windu have the potential to become a Star Wars villain? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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