Infinity Wars Will Kill a Guardian of the Galaxy

InfinityWars has been one hell of an event for the Guardians of the Galaxy. The villain of the story ended up being Gamora, who killed Thanos and even her friend Star-Lord, though Peter Quill did end up coming back to life. Fans thought things with the Guardians would end in a slightly positive note since Marvel announced a new Guardians of the Galaxy series for January.

Alas, that isn't the case as the publisher has revealed that a Guardian will be dying in an Infinity Wars one-shot called Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian.

(Marvel Comics/R.B. Silva)

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Written by Infinity Wars writer Gerry Duggan with art from Andy McDonald, it will be interesting to see who is killed in this one-shot. All of the members did appear in the Guardians teaser at the end of Thanos Legacy #1, so Marvel is making the identity of who is dying hard for us fans. Some could argue that Gamora should die, being kind of evil right now, but she should be part of this upcoming Thanos-related quest that will kick off the new Guardians series in January.

Trying to guess who is gonna die will be hard. Could it be Drax? That would be an intense move to do just to give Dave Bautista a middle finger. Star-Lord? He's the most popular member so his death would be controversial.

Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian comes out this December.

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