Infinity War Director Says Venom is NOT in the MCU

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Ever since the movie has been announced, Sony's Venom has been under heavy discussion whether it takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not. Rumors have been coming out that it does share a universe with Tom Holland's Spider-Man, but Avengers: Infinity War director Joe Russo has once again debunked Venom's connection.

When asked by a student during a Q&A Session (via Reddit) on whether Venom was involved in the MCU or not, Russo answered with a simple:

"No, that's a Sony property."


Some people are left wondering if this was a sure answer, but it is noted that if Russo was ever unsure of anything during the panel, he would always refer to someone else or he would simply say he wasn't sure. With this definite answer from Russo, it would seem that he knows exactly where the character lies—as far as he's concerned, at least.

So once again, fans are left wondering if Sony is moving forward with Venom with no connections to Spider-Man at all or if all of this is just misdirection until the movie actually comes out.

With Venom's origin tied very closely to Spider-Man, a lot of fans were already annoyed that Sony is pushing forward with this film. For one, they did a piss-poor job in revamping the franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man, and it just seems a waste after Marvel supposedly ‘fixed' the character.

I will tell you one thing, that first official glimpse of Venom in the trailer has gotten everyone interested in this film.

Venom is aiming for a release on Oct. 5.

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