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Images and Names of the New Ships in Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Like every other Star Wars movie, Solo will be bringing us to new worlds and introducing new creatures and characters. The film will also bring us some new ships, and some images and official names have come up (via Imgur) for the vehicles of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Check them out:

SOLO A Star Wars Story Vehicles and Descriptions

We get a closer look at the Heavy Armored TIE Fighter which some fans have suspected is a precursor to the TIE Bomber. With the ship being seen during the Kessell Run, we should assume that the Empire would make use of sturdier ships as compared to the flimsier standard model of the TIE.

We also know that the ship that Han drives on Vandor is called an Imperial AT Hauler. Just from the name, I think this thing was meant to be hauling AT-AT walkers. I have a feeling we already saw some version of this in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Also looking at Lando's Falcon, it also says that his YT-1300 Freighter is modified. We know that the Falcon was heavily modified by Han, so I guess I was expecting Lando's ship to be a more standard model. Then again, I wouldn't doubt Lando for wanting to give the ship his own original flare.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out May 25.

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